Case Number: 9926

Fazio, Anna - Age 20 - Death due to a criminal abortion performed on or about 2/4/29, by a midwife, Marie Zwienczak, in the latter's home, 5800 So. Francisco Ave. Arrest of the midwife was recommended by the Coroner on 2/23/29. Stephanie Paczkiewicz was booked 2/23/29 as an accessory but was not mentioned in the verdict and on 3/8/29 discharged by Judge Heller. 16 Dist. On 3/1/29 mary Zwienczak was arrested and turned over to the Sheriff on a Coroner's Mittimus. 6/20/29 -14 years Joliet Pen. - Lindsay. 3/12/30 Aff. by Supreme Ct.


Date of Offense February 4, 1929
Date of Death February 13, 1929
Time Between Offense and Death Longer than 1 week
Address 5800 S. Francisco Ave.
Type of Location Residence
Location Description in home
Type of Death Accident
Description Illegal abortion
Total Number of Victims 1
Location in home
Number of Defendants 1
Type of Accident Death from abortion
Type of Residence Residence of defendant


Name Fazio, Anna
Age 20 years
Gender Male
Race White
Ethnicity Other, european


Name Zwienczak, Mary
Gender Female
Ethnicity Other, european
Race White
Employed Yes
Employment Type Employed, professional (incl. police and military)
Occupation/ Skill Nurse, Midwife


Precinct 16
Allegations of Police Corruption No
Date Defendant Arrested 1-Mar-29
Defendant Identified at Scene No
Time Between Crime and Arrest Weeks
Total Number of Defendants Arrested 2


Date of Coroner's Decision February 23, 1929
Outcome of Coroner's Judgment Recommended investigation/arrest
Charges Against Defendant No
Trial Judge Lindsay
Type of Legal Decision Recorded Coroner, trial
Allegations of Police Corruption No
Date of Sentence June 20, 1929
Length of Sentence 14 years
Outcome of Grand Jury Decision Indictment, other homicide, homicide unspecified
Outcome of Trial Guilty, unspecified offense
Sentenced to Joliet, Stateville