Case Number: 7448

Mullin, John - Age 25 - Patrolman, 29 Prct. Fatally shot from behind, at 12:57 A.M., dying at 3:50 A.M. at the Lincoln Gardens, Wells St. and Lincoln Ave., by Eddie Morris when he attempted to arrest his pal, John W. McEvilry, alais James Crosby, after they had displayed revolver and spoke of robbing the place. McEvilry was arrested while trying to escape. Morris, who escaped in an auto driven by a man identified as Eddie McBride, was located in a haystack in Beverly Hilss and captured in a revolver battle in which he was wounded (Jan. 8). Morris and McEvilry were indicted by the G.J. The coroner concurred in the indictments and recommended arrest of Eddie McBride and also that the two 15 year old girls, Victoria Soypior and Genevieve McCullom, who were in company of the man, be held to the Juvenile Court. On 1/8/21 May McManus was arrested and on 1/14/21 discharged by Judge Stewart and released by the Coroner. On 1/12/21 Alfred Mallory was arrested 4/13/21. Bond forf. - Haas. 2/16/21 Eddie McBride arrested and turned over to Sheriff. 3/26/21 McBride and McEvilly acquitted - Sullivan. 4/9/21 Morris to Joliet Pen. for life - Sullivan. 11/17/21 - Mallery - Stricken off - Sullivan.


Date of Offense January 3, 1921
Date of Death January 3, 1921
Time Between Offense and Death Within 1 day
Address Wells st. and Lincoln ave.
Type of Location Residence
Location Description at the "Lincoln Gardens" on Wells st. and Lincoln
Type of Death Homicide
Type of Homicide Intentional murder
Characteristics patrolman shot from behind
Method of Killing Other gun, gun unspecified
Weapon fatally shot from behind
Motive resisting arrest
Description Police officer killed during apprehension
Total Number of Victims 1
Location at the "Lincoln Gardens" on Wells st. and Lincoln
Number of Defendants 1
Related to Organized Crime
Type of Residence Common area of apartment building/complex


Name Mullin, John
Age 25 years
Gender Male
Race White
Employed Yes
VictimEmploymentType Employed, professional (incl. police and military)
Ethnicity Other, european
Known to Chicago Police as Other, known to Chicago police
Occupation/ Skill Law enforcement


Name Morris, Eddie
Gender Male
Ethnicity English-Anglo
Race White
Killed While Protecting Person Protecting person outside family


Allegations of Police Corruption No
Date Defendant Arrested 30-Jul-21
Defendant Identified at Scene No
Time Between Crime and Arrest Days
Total Number of Defendants Arrested 5
Victim Employed by Law Enforcement Patrolman on duty, on street, beat


Type of Legal Decision Recorded Coroner, grand jury, trial, and post conviction
Allegations of Police Corruption No