Case Number: 7374

Wilson, Walter - Age 24 - Colored - Shot to death at 3502 State st., 3rd floor, by Clarence Love, with whom he had had a fist fight a short time before. On 12/3/23 Love was held by the Coroner. 2A Dist. 7/21/24 to Pontiac Ref. - Steffen.


Date of Offense December 3, 1923
Date of Death December 3, 1923
Time Between Offense and Death Immediate - death occurred at the crime scene
Address 3502 State st
Location Description 3rd floor
Type of Death Homicide
Type of Homicide Intentional murder
Characteristics shot by def - they had a fist fight earlier
Method of Killing Other gun, gun unspecified
Weapon shot to death
Motive happened after the 2 men just had a fist fight
Description Dispute over money or property, quarrel
Total Number of Victims 1
Location 3rd floor
Number of Defendants 1
Related to Organized Crime


Name Wilson, Walter
Age 24 years
Gender Male
Race Black
Ethnicity African American


Name Love, Clarence
Gender Male
Ethnicity African American
Race Black


Precinct 2
Allegations of Police Corruption No
Total Number of Defendants Arrested 1


Trial Judge Steffen
Type of Legal Decision Recorded Coroner, trial
Allegations of Police Corruption No
Date of Sentence July 21, 1924