Case Number: 6340

Keehn, Belle - Age ? - Died from a criminal abortion at the Chicago Lying -In Hospital, said abortion performed by some unknown doctor at Kensington on or about 11/27/21. 9 Dist.


Date of Offense November 27, 1921
Date of Death December 28, 1921
Time Between Offense and Death Longer than 1 week
Type of Location Medical facility (Hospital, doctor's office, clinic) Midwife, Abortion place
Location Description at kensington
Type of Death Accident
Description Illegal abortion
Total Number of Victims 1
Location at kensington
Type of Accident Death from abortion


Name Kechn, Belle
Gender Female
Race White
Ethnicity Other, european
Name of Hospital Where Victim Was Taken Chicago Lying - In H


Employed Yes
Employment Type Employed, professional (incl. police and military)
Occupation/ Skill Doctor


Precinct 16
Allegations of Police Corruption No


Type of Legal Decision Recorded None
Allegations of Police Corruption No