Case Number: 5775

Bowman, Madge - Age 16 - Died at the Garfield Park Hospital from a criminal abortion. On 9/10/23 Mrs. Kate Sauer, a midwife, and Walter Page were arrested and on 10/5/23 exonerated by the Coroner. On 10/17 Kate Sauer was held to the G.J. in bonds of $20,000.00 by Judge Rooney. 21 Dist. 3/19/25 Kate Sauer acquitted - #####.


Date of Offense September 8, 1923
Date of Death September 8, 1923
Time Between Offense and Death Immediate - death occurred at the crime scene
Type of Location Medical facility (Hospital, doctor's office, clinic) Midwife, Abortion place
Location Description Garfield park Hospital
Type of Death Accident
Description Illegal abortion
Total Number of Victims 1
Location Garfield park Hospital
Type of Accident Death from abortion


Name Bowman, Madge
Age 16 years
Gender Female
Race White
Ethnicity Other, european
Name of Hospital Where Victim Was Taken Garfield Park Hospit


Name Saver, Kate
Gender Female
Ethnicity Other, european
Race White
Employed Yes
Employment Type Outside labor force (incl. criminals)
Occupation/ Skill Nurse, Midwife


Precinct 16
Allegations of Police Corruption No
Time Between Crime and Arrest Less than 1 day
Total Number of Defendants Arrested 2


Date of Coroner's Decision October 5, 1923
Outcome of Coroner's Judgment Exonerated, Commended
Type of Legal Decision Recorded Coroner, grandy jury, trials
Allegations of Police Corruption No
Date of Sentence March 19, 1925
Outcome of Trial Acquitted