Case Number: 4327

Lynette, John - Age 30 - Shot to death in delicatessen store at 2454 W. Harrison St., during an altercation with the owner, Joseph E. Rodriguez, who, on 1/26/21 - Acquitted - Pam.


Date of Offense October 3, 1920
Date of Death October 3, 1920
Address 2454 W. Harrison st.
Type of Location Place of business
Location Description delicatessen
Type of Death Manslaughter
Description Dispute over money or property, quarrel
Total Number of Victims 1
Location delicatessen
Number of Defendants 1
Type of Business Restaurant, food kitchen, other public eating place, hotel public place
Type of Manslaughter Unintentional killing with gun


Name Lynette, John
Age 30 years
Gender Male
Race White
Ethnicity English-Anglo


Name Rodriguez, Joseph E.
Gender Male
Ethnicity Latino, Hispanic
Race White
Business Owner Store or shop
Employed Yes
Employment Type Employed, professional (incl. police and military)
Occupation/ Skill Store owner, hotel owner


Allegations of Police Corruption No
Total Number of Defendants Arrested 1


Trial Judge Pam
Type of Legal Decision Recorded Coroner, trial
Jury Verdict Yes
Allegations of Police Corruption No
Date of Sentence January 26, 1921
Outcome of Trial Acquitted