Case Number: 341

Christianson, Mrs. Hulda, 63 years old, choked to death, 7109 Drexel Av., by her husband, Harry Christianson, who committed suicide.


Date of Offense December 21, 1890
Date of Death December 21, 1890
Address 7109 Drexel Ave.
Type of Location Residence
Location Description 7109 Drexel Ave.
Type of Death Homicide
Type of Homicide Intentional murder
Method of Killing Strangled
Weapon Choked to death
Motive Choked to death
Description Domestic violence
Total Number of Victims 1
Location 7109 Drexel Ave.
Number of Defendants 1
Type of Residence Residence of both victim and defendant


Name Christianson, Hulda
Age 63 years
Gender Female
Race White
Ethnicity Other, european


Name Christianson, Harry
Gender Male
Ethnicity Other, european
Race White
Related by Blood or Marriage Spouses


Allegations of Police Corruption No
Defendant Identified at Scene Defendant identified by someone else at scene
Total Number of Defendants Arrested 1


Charges Against Defendant No
Type of Legal Decision Recorded None
Allegations of Police Corruption No