Case Number: 296

Bell, Sarah. 20 ys. old. Shot dead at 13 Solow Pl. by Herman Bell, her uncle, who was arrested. 21 pct. Held by Cor Jury 8/6/09. 11/15/09 - 20 yrs. Joliet - Brentano.


Date of Offense August 4, 1909
Date of Death August 4, 1906
Time Between Offense and Death Immediate - death occurred at the crime scene
Address 13 Solow Pl.
Type of Location Residence
Location Description 13 Solow Pl.
Type of Death Homicide
Type of Homicide Intentional murder
Characteristics Shot by her uncle
Method of Killing Other gun, gun unspecified
Weapon shot dead
Description Family quarrel
Total Number of Victims 1
Location 13 Solow Pl.
Number of Defendants 1
Related to Organized Crime
Type of Residence Residence (Don't know whose)


Name Bell, Sarah
Age 20 years
Gender Female
Race White
Ethnicity Other, european
Related by Blood or Marriage Other blood relationship


Name Bell, Herman
Gender Male
Race White
Related by Blood or Marriage Other blood relationship


Precinct 21
Allegations of Police Corruption No
Date Defendant Arrested 4-Aug-09
Time Between Crime and Arrest Less than 1 day
Total Number of Defendants Arrested 1


Date of Coroner's Decision August 6, 1909
Outcome of Coroner's Judgment Defendant held to Grand Jury
Charges Against Defendant No
Trial Judge Brentano
Type of Legal Decision Recorded Coroner, trial
Allegations of Police Corruption No
Date of Sentence November 15, 1909
Length of Sentence 20 years
Outcome of Trial Guilty of manslaughter
Sentence Completed Yes
Sentenced to Joliet, Stateville