Case Number: 1494

Maskell, Michael, 28 years old, died at County Hospital from bullet wound received March 21, at 3105 Center Av., shot by Fred Schweitzer, who was arrested, 6th Prect. He was exonerated by Coroner's Jury who found the shooting justifiable as Maskell was stealing bread from bakery wagon when shot.


Date of Offense March 21, 1899
Date of Death March 27, 1899
Address 3105 Center Av.
Type of Location Place of business
Location Description bakery wagon
Type of Death Homicide
Type of Homicide Intentional manslaughter
Method of Killing Other gun, gun unspecified
Weapon died from bullet wound
Motive Maskill was stealing bread
Victim Initiated Events Leading to Homicide Yes
Description Dispute over money or property, quarrel
Total Number of Victims 1
Location bakery wagon
Number of Defendants 1
Type of Business Restaurant, food kitchen, other public eating place, hotel public place


Name Maskill, Michael
Age 28 years
Gender Male
Race White
Employed Yes
VictimEmploymentType Outside labor force (incl. criminals)
Ethnicity Other, european
Victim Killed While Protecting Property Protecting other property
Name of Hospital Where Victim Was Taken County Hospital
Occupation/ Skill Criminal - thief


Name Schweitzer, Fred
Gender Male
Ethnicity Other, european
Race White
Employed Yes
Employment Type Employed, semi-skilled (factory operative etc.)
Killed While Protecting Property Protecting a drug store
Occupation/ Skill Other, unskilled laborer


Precinct 6
Allegations of Police Corruption No
Arrest Made at Crime Scene Yes
Defendant Identified at Scene No
Location of Arrest At scene
Time Between Crime and Arrest Less than 1 day
Total Number of Defendants Arrested 1


Outcome of Coroner's Judgment Justifiable homicide
Charges Against Defendant No
Type of Legal Decision Recorded Coroner's verdict only
Allegations of Police Corruption No