Case Number: 10546

Meeks, Major - Age 24 - Colored - Found at 11:05 PM, 3/29/29, in rear of 2221 Oakdale Ave., in an unconscious condition, having been assaulted with some blunt weapon. On 5/2/29 the Coroner recommended the arrest of Otis O�Neill, for murder. Meeks had caused O�Neill�s discharge from employment. 37 Dist.


Date of Offense March 29, 1929
Date of Death April 3, 1929
Time Between Offense and Death Within 1 week but more than 1 day
Address 2221 Oakdale Ave.
Type of Location Street, or other non-commercial public place/alley
Type of Public Place Street, sidewalk or alley
Location Description in rear of 2221 Oakdale Ave.
Type of Death Homicide
Type of Homicide Intentional murder
Characteristics victim caused the defendants discharge from work
Method of Killing Other beating
Weapon assaulted with blunt object
Motive victim caused the discharge from employment of O'N
Victim Initiated Events Leading to Homicide Yes
Total Number of Victims 1
Excessive Violence Excessive or extreme use of force
Location in rear of 2221 Oakdale Ave.
Related to Organized Crime


Name Meeks, Major
Age 24 years
Gender Male
Race Black
Ethnicity African American


Name Otis O'Neill
Gender Male
Ethnicity Irish
Race White


Precinct 37
Allegations of Police Corruption No


Date of Coroner's Decision May 2, 1929
Outcome of Coroner's Judgment Recommended investigation/arrest
Charges Against Defendant No
Type of Legal Decision Recorded Coroner's verdict only
Allegations of Police Corruption No