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Lindstrom, Wm. alias Tunyea, - Age 51 - Found dead at 6:50 A.M., 12/7/26, in alley rear of 2118 W. Huron St.; later developed he had been assaulted with a lead 1800 pipe at about 10:30 P.M., 12/6/26, by one Loren Patrick, who confessed he did so at the instance of Lindstrom's common-law wife, with whom he had made a deal to kill Lindstrom so that that she could collect $1000.00 insurance policy, in which she was made beneficiary, if she paid a fine against him of $137.50 for violation of the prohibition law. On 12/30 Patrick was held by the Coroner as principal and Lillian Fraser, alais Lindstrom, alias Tunyea, and Catherine Cassler, were held as accessories. 23 Dist. 6/25/27 Mrs. Fraser and Patrick the actual killed sentenced to Joliet Pen for Life and Mrs. Cassler the "engineer" sentenced to hang 10/21/27 - Judge P. Sullivan. 10/25 stay to 12/29/27 - 10/29/28 - Cassler sentence reversed by Supreme Court. 4/29/29 - Cassler Nolle Prossed - Rush.

Case Number



Date of offense December 6, 1926
Date of death December 6, 1926
Time between offense and death Immediate - death occurred at the crime scene
Time of day (approx) Evening (5:00 p.m. - 10:59 p.m.)
Time of day (exact) 12:20 am
Address 2118 W Huron
Type of location Street, or other non-commercial public place/alley
Type of public place Street, sidewalk or alley
Location description in alley rear of address
Type of death Homicide
Type of homicide Intentional murder
Characteristics def. Hired by vctms wife in rtrn for paying a fine
Method of killing Other beating
Weapon assaulted with a lead pipe
Motive Patruick killed Lindstrom at the insteance of Lind
Victim initiated events leading to homicide No
Murder/suicide? Yes
Circumstances description Other
Total number of victims 1
Total number of defendants 2
Related to Prohibition? Yes
Other related Prohibition indicators payment for murder


Name Lindstrom, Wm aka Tunyea
Age 51 years
Gender Male
Race White
Ethnicity English-Anglo
Victim/defendant relationship Not related by family


Name Patrick, Loren
Gender Male
Race White
Ethnicity Irish
Defendant/victim relationship Stranger


Total number of defendants arrested 3
Allegations of police corruption No


Date of coroner's decision December 30, 1926
Outcome of coroner's judgement Defendant held to Grand Jury
Charges against defendant Murder
Trial Judge Sullivan
Type of legal decision recorded Coroner, trial
Outcome of trial Guilty, unspecified offense
Date of sentence June 25, 1927
Sentenced to Joliet, Stateville
Allegations of police corruption No

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