Leigh B. Bienen, Project Director
Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Northwestern University 
Juana Haskin, Project Co-ordinator
Faculty Assistant, School of Law, Northwestern University
Dennis Glenn, Project Manager
Assistant Dean for Distributed Education, School of Communication, Northwestern University
Mark Swindle, Designer/Information Architect
Senior Designer, School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University

Northwestern University School of Law

David Van Zandt
Chris Simoni
Associate Dean for Library and Information Services
Marcia Lehr
Faculty Services Librarian
Pegeen Bassett
Documents Librarian
Angie Roberts
Copy Center
Willie Watkins
Copy Center

Northwestern University School of Communication
Barbara O'Keefe

Distributed Learning Center  
Marc Flury
Student Lead Programmer/Developer
Jonathan Bockelman
Student Programmer/Developer
Annabel Oakes
Student Videographer
Brian Crotty
Student Videographer
Amanda Stone
Student Videographer

Research Assistants
Colin Proksel
Michael Bekesha
Thomas Goerner
Jesssica Sturgeon
Dylan Hendricks
Melinda Pignotti
Shruthi Chandramouli

Scott Sanderson
Elizabeth Olds
Juan Irizarry
James Anderson

Northwestern School of Law Faculty Research Funds
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
The Joyce Foundation
The McCormick Tribune Foundation
The Chicago History Museum
The American Newspaper Repository
The Northwestern University Library, Special Collections and Archives
 Participants in the 2004 Northwestern School of Law Seminar: 'Legal Documents as Historical Artifacts'