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19th Amendment (U.S. Constitution): Women attain the Right to Vote

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Fratts, Fortunato - Age 55 - Fatally shot 1/29/21 during an altercation with Guisseppe Tellerino, in the latter?s home at 230 W. 25th St. Tellerino escaped. 15 Pct.

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Date of offense January 29, 1921
Date of death January 30, 1921
Time between offense and death Within 1 day
Address 230 W. 25th st.
Type of location Residence
Type of residence Residence of victim
Murder/suicide? Yes
Circumstances description Fight
Total number of victims 1
Related to Prohibition? Yes


Name Fratts, Fortuato
Age 55 years
Gender Male
Race White
Ethnicity German
Victim/defendant relationship Not related by family


Name Tellerino, Guisseppe
Gender Male
Race White
Ethnicity Italian
Defendant/victim relationship Relationship Unknown


Precinct 9
Defendant ID'd at scene No
Allegations of police corruption No


Type of legal decision recorded None
Allegations of police corruption No

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