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Lombardo, Anthony - Age 36 - Shot to death and one of his bodyguards, Anthony Ferrea, alias Ferraro, fatally wounded while walking west in front of #61 W. Madison St., at 4:30 PM. Murdered by some unknown person or persons who were lost in the crowds. Ferrea died on Sept. 9th. 1st Dist. 4/29/29 Warrant issued by Judge Lyle against Frank Marco after witnesses identified his picture at the B. of I. On 2/17/31 Marco, alias Marlo, was murdered in New York City.

Case Number



Date of offense September 7, 1928
Date of death September 7, 1928
Time between offense and death Immediate - death occurred at the crime scene
Time of day (approx) Afternoon (11:00 a.m. - 4:59 p.m.)
Time of day (exact) 12:16 am
Address #61 W. Madison st.
Type of location Street, or other non-commercial public place/alley
Type of public place Street, sidewalk or alley
Location description in front of #61 W. Madison st.
Type of death Homicide
Type of homicide Intentional murder
Characteristics victims were murdered by the defendant. Defendant
Method of killing Other gun, gun unspecified
Weapon shoot to death
Victim initiated events leading to homicide No
Murder/suicide? Yes
Total number of victims 2
Related to Prohibition? Yes
Related to Organized Crime? Murder for hire, "hit"


Name Lombardo, Anthony
Age 36 years
Gender Male
Race White
Ethnicity Italian
Victim/defendant relationship Not related by family


Name Frank Marco; alias Marlo
Gender Male
Race White
Ethnicity Italian
Defendant/victim relationship Relationship Unknown


Precinct 4
Defendant ID'd at scene No
Allegations of police corruption No


Date of coroner's decision April 29, 1929
Outcome of coroner's judgement Recommended investigation/arrest
Charges against defendant No charges recorded
Type of legal decision recorded Coroner's verdict only
Allegations of police corruption No

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