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September 14, 1930
Birch, Garland - Age 70 - Colored - Death due to a skull fracture sustained 4:47 AM, 9/1/30, when set upon and beaten with some blunt weapon by two unknown Negro bandits, in a garage, rear 5615 Calumet Ave., where he was a watchman. They helped themselves to ten gallons of gasoline. 5 Dist.
Case number: 9617
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September 16, 1930
McCann, William I. - Age 36 - Patrolman, 13 Dist. Shot to death at 2 AM, 9/16/30, from the side window of a flat at 1434 W. 111th St., by the tenant, Leon Davis, colored, who had reported burglars in the house. McCann and Patrolman Avery, both in uniforms, responded to a radio flash and went to investigate. As McCann passed the window, Davis fired five shots at him, supposing him to be the burglar. On 9/16/30 he was held by the Coroner for manslaughter. 13 Dist. Sept. 1930 No Bill.
Case number: 10665
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October 12, 1930
Rumbler, Wm. P.- Patrolman, 35th Dist. - Age 33. Fatally shot at 9:25 PM, 10-12-30 in a soft drink parlor at 3174 Milwaukee Ave., when he attempted to frustrate a robbery by 3 men, one of whom he wounded. The bandits escaped in an auto. The next day police answering a radio flash that a wounded man had been taken to 2032 W. Erie St. found Walter Evenow who confessed to this crime, implicating john Senew and Frank Mallen as his accomplices. On 1-20-31 Senew was brought back from Cleveland, Ohio. The 3 were indicted 1-14-31 though Mallen is still at large. 10-14-30 Mary Schubert, Albert Novak and Dr. D.A. Palmissano booked as accessories. 10-24-30 Palmisano DWP - Lyle. 2-4-31 Schubert & Novak - discharged - Padden. 5/21/31 (Evanow) 60 yrs Joliet Pen. - Williams. 5/21/31 (Senew) 60 yrs. Joliet Pen. - Williams.
Case number: 10952
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October 25, 1930
Fitzpatrick, Jos. M. - Age 42 - Patrolman, Traffic Division. Fatally shot at 5:45 PM, 10/25/30, at the N.E. corner of 64th St. and University Ave. while exchanging fire with five unknown men who attempted to rob him just after he had alighted from his automobile. The bandits escaped in another machine. 7 Dist.
Case number: 9961
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November 12, 1930
Runge, Joseph - Age 36 - Fatally shot 10:45 PM, 11/8/30, at 4125 W. 18th St., tailor shop of Kuppenheimer Bros. For whom he acted as night watchman, by Roy Simmons, alias Nettris, colored, one of several burglars who attempted to break into the shop. Simmons, the only Negro in the gang was fatally shot by Runge’s partner, James Pidgeon and died 11/11/30. Frank Zalesak and on “Farmer” are wanted. 24th Dist.
Case number: 10947
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November 23, 1930
Dillon, Hubert J. – Age 36 – Patrolman, 22 Dist. Shot to death at 2:45 PM, 11/23/30, in gangway at 632 O’Brien St., by a Negro, McKinley Carter, who immediately thereafter was shot and killed by Dillon’s partner, Patrolman Patrick F. Gaynor. Carter and another Negro, Mays McCulley, were fighting and neighbors turned in an alarm. The officers responded to the radio flash and as they approached the two Negroes, Carter whipped out a gun and killed Dillon. McCulley, armed with a large knife, was captured. 22 Dist.
Case number: 9861
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November 25, 1930
Corcoran, James - Age 38 - Patrolman. Shot to death at 11:36 PM, 11/25/30, at the N.E. corner of 29th St. and Indiana Ave., by an unknown man with whom he engaged in a violent quarrel just after they had left a speakeasy disguised as a tailor shop at 312 E. 29th St. On 12/16/30 arrest of his unknown assailant was recommended by the Coroner. 3 Dist. See revised version on card. Thos. DeSett arrested 1/31/31. 7/8/31 - Not Guilty - Finnegan.
Case number: 9767
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