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Case Description

Schilling, John - Age 42 - Fatally shot 9/2/22 in his saloon, 680 N. Sangamon St., by a robber, James Scott, who,on 8/8/22, was held by the Coroner. On 9/16/22 Michael Drew was held to the G.J. without bail, as accessory, by Judge Wells. 22 Dist. Sept. 1922 No bill on Drew - 3/15/23 - Nolle Prossed - Kersten. 3/28/23 - Scott - 20 years in Joliet Pen. - Kersten.

Case Number



Date of offense September 2, 1922
Date of death September 3, 1922
Time between offense and death Within 1 day
Address 680 N Sangamon st
Type of location Place of business
Type of business Bar/saloon
Location description in hes saloon
Type of death Homicide
Type of homicide Other murder, felony murder
Method of killing Other gun, gun unspecified
Weapon fatally shot
Motive shot in his saloon by a robber
Victim initiated events leading to homicide No
Excessive violence Multiple assailants
Murder/suicide? Yes
Circumstances description Robbery
Total number of victims 1
Total number of defendants 2
Alcohol related? Homicide occurred in drinking establishment
Related to Prohibition? Yes
Prohibition-related location Place where liquor was sold


Name Schilling, John
Age 42 years
Gender Male
Race White
Ethnicity Other, european
Employed Yes
Employment Type Employed, high white collar (merchant, etc.)
Business Owner Bar/saloon
Occupational skill Store owner, hotel owner
Killed while protecting property Protecting bar/saloon
Killed while protecting person Protecting self
Victim/defendant relationship Not related by family


Name Scott, James
Gender Male
Race White
Ethnicity Other, european
Defendant/victim relationship Relationship Unknown


Precinct 22
Total number of defendants arrested 2
Allegations of police corruption No


Date of coroner's decision August 8, 1922
Judge associated with bail Wells
Felony murder classification Robbery
Trial Judge Kersten
Type of legal decision recorded Coroner, grandy jury, trials
Outcome of trial Guilty, unspecified offense
Date of sentence March 28, 1923
Sentenced to Joliet, Stateville
Length of sentence 20 years
Allegations of police corruption No