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Case Description

Bartholin, Mrs. Anna, body found buried in basement of home, 4310 Calumet Av., She had been missing since July 8. Murdered by strangulation. Milliam Bartholin, her son, who is supposed to have murdered her and Miss Minnie Mitchell, missing. Oscar Thompson, alias Eisburg, and "Dad" Claffy arrested for complicity and held by the Coroner's Jury. William Bartholin found dead, suicide by shooting, near Riceville, Iowa, Sept. 7, 1902. Thompson and Claffy acquitted.

Case Number



Date of offense July 8, 1902
Date of death August 9, 1902
Address 4310 Calumet Av.
Type of location Residence
Type of residence Residence of both victim and defendant
Location description basement of home
Type of death Homicide
Type of homicide Intentional murder
Method of killing Strangled
Weapon murdered by strangulation
Murder/suicide? Yes
Circumstances description Domestic violence
Total number of victims 2
Total number of defendants 1
Related to Prohibition? Yes


Name Bartholin, Anna
Gender Female
Race White
Ethnicity Other, european
Victim/defendant relationship Parent/Child
Related by blood or marriage Parent/Child


Name Bartholin, William
Gender Male
Race White
Ethnicity Other, european
Defendant/victim relationship Family (include in laws, multi-generations, step relations)
Related by blood or marriage Child/Parent


Total number of defendants arrested 2
Defendant ID'd at scene No
Allegations of police corruption No


Charges against defendant Murder
Jury verdict Yes
Type of legal decision recorded Coroner, grand jury, trial, and post conviction
Allegations of police corruption No