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Case Description

Oliver, Clifford - Age 28 - Colored - Shot to death at 10:20 PM, at home, 3124 Ellis Ave., by Wallace Harris, when they quarreled over $2.05 in a crap game. Harris escaped. 2A Dist.

Case Number



Date of offense August 2, 1925
Date of death August 2, 1925
Time between offense and death Immediate - death occurred at the crime scene
Time of day (approx) Evening (5:00 p.m. - 10:59 p.m.)
Time of day (exact) 12:22 am
Address 3124 Ellis Ave
Type of location Residence
Type of residence Residence of victim
Location description home
Type of death Manslaughter
Type of manslaughter Other
Murder/suicide? Yes
Circumstances description Dispute over money or property, quarrel
Total number of victims 1
Related to Prohibition? Yes


Name Oliver, Clifford
Age 28 years
Gender Male
Race Black
Ethnicity African American
Victim/defendant relationship Not related by family
Prior non-family relationship Acquaintances


Name Harris, Wallace
Gender Male
Race White
Ethnicity Other, european
Defendant/victim relationship Known (recognized person)
Prior non-family relationship Acquaintances


Precinct 2
Defendant ID'd at scene No
Allegations of police corruption No


Type of legal decision recorded None
Allegations of police corruption No